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Why aquaristics is the perfect hobby for your family

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Aquaristics is a very comprehensive hobby which can please your whole family. Little children love feeding the fishes and even small babies love watching fishes swimming in the aquarium. As a friend of ours would say, an aquarium is the perfect baby-tv. Teenagers and adults can learn a lot about science and technology when setting up an aquarium. An aquarium can also be a perfect hobby for artistic people who like living in a beautiful environment.

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Setting up an aquarium

If you want to buy an aquarium, you do not have to buy immediately a 500 L aquarium with high tech equipment. For beginners, the best choice would be a 54 L aquarium (60 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm). Moreover, if you want the truth, changing water regularly will bring more to your aquarium than the best high tech equipment in the world.

Aquarium owners often think bigger is better and forget than it is first of all a biological cycle in which the different elements have to balance each other. As a beginner, you want of course to feed your fishes well and tend to give them too much food. This is why you should first change water every week. You should empty the aquarium until the level of the water corresponds to the size of your fishes. This way, the aquarium can better cope with beginners’ mistakes.

If you do not regularly change your aquarium’s water, algae may start to develop in the aquarium. At this point, many beginners get discouraged and give up. Do not panic though. Algae are the firemen of the underwater world. 

Why aquaristics is the perfect hobby for your family // setting up an aquarium

About water and filter

To avoid beginner’s mistakes, you should think about the way you see your new hobby in a new way. First, you should give thought to the water and accordingly to the filter. Whatever filter you may choose, you should also buy a sponge filter. They are affordable and do not need long to run in. As a secondary filter, the sponge filter is the watchman of your aquarium.

About water changes

Don’t forget to change your aquarium’s water regularly! In the nature, water change takes place naturally, through the influence of feeder rivers or spring water. This enables the degradation of nitrate, the final product of decomposition of organic proteins. A normal filter is not able to free your aquarium’s water from nitrate. The best way to get rid of nitrate is changing 90% of the water in your aquarium.

Feeding your fishes

Regarding the choice of food for your fishes, one of the most successful brands is Tetra, a company located in Melle, Germany but known all over the world. Tetra products even appeared in films. Have you already seen some film character reaching to a yellow can with a brown cap to feed his fishes? Even if you do not see the brand name, you can be sure this is Tetra.

Why aquaristics is the perfect hobby for your family // feeding your fishes

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