What we are reading now – May 2020

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We are still stuck at home because of the coronavirus crisis but things are going a bit better. Germany has not been hit as hard as other countries by the virus and we are seeing some changes already in our daily life. My daughter will resume going to school next week, but only 4 hours a week. The rest of the time, we will keep doing schoolwork at home. I am working one day pro week in the office now, the rest of the week I am still in home office. The playgrounds have opened again, which makes me very very happy.

I have been reading a few books but this month again, the lack of commuting time made it difficult for me to find time to read. My daughter kept working on her Mr Men and Little Miss series challenge but now she wants to read something different. This is fine for me as long as she reads.

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What we are reading now – May 2020

Update on the Mr Men and Little Miss challenge

As already reported in April, my daughter started a reading challenge: reading as many Mr Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves as possible. She read 28 of them, which I find already very good. Until now, her favorite book in the series is Little Miss Magic.

However, she now wants to read rather other books as it is a bit boring to read always the same kind of books.

The Smurfs

Instead, my daughter decided to read the Smurfs. She began with The Smurfs and the Magic egg. I read the Smurfs a lot as I was a child, as well as other comic books series by Peyo. I definitely grew up with the French-Belgian school of comics so I feel glad my daughter is not only watching the Smurfs cartoons on TV but also reading the original books by Peyo. This is however a little challenging for her because the Smurfs books are much longer than the Mr Men and Little Miss books.

Tyll (Daniel Kehlmann)

I already wrote about this book last month. I kept reading it but it is a long book and I have not finished yet. So far, I like it very much. This is an interesting well-written book, sometimes a bit disturbing. You do not know really whether Tyll is good or evil, or at least I am not sure yet. I do not mind this though. Given the subject, this is actually adequate.

Die Magier von Paris (Christina Wolff)

The book was not translated in English. The German title means “The Wizards of Paris”. This is a very sweet fantasy book for children. I read it to relax a bit and I enjoyed it. There were some good ideas and a nice set of characters. I just found that the description of Paris was a bit too sweet. I mean, you can feel pretty early in the book that the author is not French. This did not disturb me much as the story was pretty good. Just the thing with the “éclairs de vanille” was a bit too German for me. First, you would say rather “éclairs à la vanille” and second in most French bakeries, you will find rather éclairs with chocolate or coffee flavors. German bakers are the ones who bake eclairs with vanilla filling.

And we are writing too!

My daughter and I have been writing too. I have been working too on a Nanowrimo book project I wrote years ago. At the time, I wanted to work on my German skills and wrote an entire book in this language. The title of the book is Die Expedition (The expedition) and this is a fantasy novel for children. You can find it there but it is only in German. I was very much unsure about self-publishing the book but my husband convinced me to try. My daughter wrote her first book too, a small detective story with the title “Sherlock James in London”. I am very proud of her.


  • ceridwensilverhart

    That’s so exciting that the playgrounds are opening again! Though it sounds like you and your daughter are finding some beautiful literary worlds to explore already. Write on with your Nanowrimo project and I hope your daughter creates further adventures on the page too!

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