What we are reading now – April 2020

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We are still at home for a few weeks as the children won’t be able to go back to school before May. I am trying to make the best of it and make sure that my daughter is reading regularly. As for me, my reading is suffering from the fact I am not commuting any more. However, there are a few books I would like to write about.

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What we are reading now

What we are reading now

The Roger Hargreaves challenge

My daughter loves challenges and loves the Mr Men and Little Miss series. Therefore, we created the Roger Hargreaves challenge. She has to read 100 books in the Mr Men and Little Miss Series in the next month. Each time she reads ten books of the series and answers the corresponding quizzes on the German reading website Antolin, she will receive Pistachio Lindor chocolate truffles by Lindt. She says these are her favorite chocolates.

Until now, she read 18 of them:

  • Mr Dizzy
  • Mr Bump
  • Little Miss Princess
  • Mr Topsy-Turvy
  • Mr Mischief
  • Mr Uppity
  • Mr Fussy
  • Mr Strong
  • Mr Lazy
  • Mr Tickle
  • Little Miss Magic
  • Little Miss Shy
  • Mr Noisy
  • Mr Jelly
  • Little Miss Stubborn
  • Mr Birthday
  • Little Miss Helpful
  • Little Miss Greedy

My daughter can read all right but she is not a very good reader. I hope this challenge is going to help her to feel more comfortable with reading. I found it interesting that she loves this books series so much because I once read that the language choice of the book is much more elaborate than you would think.

Last book I finished: Deep Economy (Bill McKibben)

I read this book just before we were all sent home because of the coronavirus crisis. Interestingly, although the book has been written in 2007, its main thesis can be connected to the current events. The book is promoted a different economy: local, sustainable and enabling communities to blossom. The author focuses both on the environmental aspect of the economy and on the human aspect through the study of the role of communities. In a time in which plane travel has nearly stopped and in which the role of China as the world’s factory is questioned, this is an interesting read.

Book I am currently reading: Fry Fern (Maria Anders)

This is a fantasy children/young adult book that I downloaded on the children’s tablet. I only read one quarter of the story because this is the children’s tablet but I found it entertaining. Moreover, the story takes place in Frankfurt am Main and I live in the Frankfurt area so it is fun to read about a more magical Frankfurt. I don’t think the book is translated in English but if you are learning German, it can be a fun way to improve your German reading skills.

Book I just began: Tyll (Daniel Kehlmann)

The book was a present but I am very curious about it. I already read Die Vermessung der Welt (Measuring the world, in English) which reimagines the life of the German mathematician Gauss. This was a very interesting book even if Gauss was everything but a likable character. Tyll is inspired by the legendary character Till Eulenspiegel.

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