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What I learned in three months of blogging

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As I started my blog, I read many income reports of other bloggers to have a better idea of what is working or not. After three months, my results are much less impressive than many of them. My blog is still very small. However, I learned much during these first three months of blogging and I found interesting to report about that. This is also a good opportunity to define my next blogging objectives and the steps I will need to make in the next months.

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What I learned in three months of blogging: a first blogging report

1) Results

Number of viewers: According to Jetpack, my blog had 5 views in June, 20 views in July and 92 views in August. As I wrote before, this is still a small blog. However, the number of views has been multiplied by 4 between June and July and nearly by 5 between July and August. This is encouraging. 

As 70% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, I though it could be interesting to give some figures about my activity on Pinterest. I opened a Pinterest account shortly after I started my blog. 

Number of Pinterest viewers: Between June 3rd and August 31st, my number of viewers on Pinterest went from 0 to 17.770. This is little in comparison to more established Pinterest account but this is still a good progression.

Number of Pinterest followers: I started with no follower at all. Now, I have 167 of them. 

Regarding the financial aspect of the blog, I did not make any money in the three first months. This is not a problem for me right now as the priority for these three months was to build the blog and to publish first posts.

2) What worked well

The creation of the blog itself took me some time but it was rather easier than I had feared. I chose SiteGround as a web host and I am very happy with the service they offer. If you are looking for a performant and reliable service, this is a safe choice.

Some of my posts worked much better than the others. However, I must say that I had not expected these specific posts to work so well. My three top posts are:

  1. 10 relaxing activities for the whole family (24 views)
  2. 3 Python projects for writers and books lovers (21 views)
  3. 10 reasons why you should learn to code with Python (6views)

I was really surprised that the post about Python projects became one of my most popular posts. This is a post I had written rather for myself, as a way to motivate myself to work on my Python skills. I did not think that anyone would be interested in this.

Another good choice for me was to use Pinterest as main online marketing channel for my blog. As I am introverted, I am not really at ease with social networks such as Facebook or Instagram (that and I am really not good at taking photos). Pinterest was for me the best alternative as it brings much traffic and is not too intrusive.

Although I did not earn any money through the blog, I was accepted by two affiliate programs, Amazon and Siteground. I did join these programs rather recently though, so I cannot say yet much about them. 

3) What should I improve?There are several things I should do to improve my traffic:

  • I should have an email list. Indeed, I can read everywhere how important an email list is for a blog. I have not created one yet though. To say the truth, I am a little scared about that. Collecting email addresses of readers and sending them regularly newsletters is intimidating.
  • Improve my Pinterest strategy. I could definitely increase the traffic I get from Pinterest if I had a better strategy. I am trying to read several articles about Pinterest strategies from other bloggers to find out what is working. 
  • Improve my SEO. SEO is a big topic in the blogging world. Here too, I am a beginner. I do my best to make my posts SEO friendly but I still have some work.

There are also further things I want to improve:

  • I want to make my blog prettier. That means that I have to redesign the blog someday. 
  • I want to improve the quality of my posts. This is a challenge for me because English is not my native language and because I have never had a blog before. I always wanted to write, I had several writing projects before. But these were no blogging projects. Writing a blog post and writing a novel are very different projects.


  • Tina

    We are in the same boat! I just started my blog, too and it does feel like very slow going. For someone whose native language is not English, you do an amazing job! If you had not said you were French, I would never have known. I think your posts are great! I always enjoy reading them. If you put up an email sign up, I will definitely do that. Keep on blogging! Everything I read about it says that it starts off slow for everyone and the key is never to give up. We can do this!

    • momslovelearning

      Thanks for the kind comment! It makes me very happy. I like your blog very much too. I think you managed to create a very nice atmosphere there.
      I also plan to keep on blogging. This is not always easy but this is a great hobby.

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