What I have been reading in January

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I have read several interesting books in January: two fantasy books and one non-fiction book about late-talking children. All three books were very good.

What I have been reading in January

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The Ickabog (J. K. Rowling)

I have been a big fan of J. K. Rowling since I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. So I felt I had to read this book. And I am happy I did. The book is her first children book since the Harry Potter series. It is very different from Harry Potter as this is more like a fairy tale than the Harry Potter books. The story is great. You can read it as a fairy tale but there is also a real reflection on political action and democracy (a little like in the Harry Potter books). If you liked Harry Potter, you really should try this book too.

The Einstein Syndrome (Thomas Sowell)

This book is about bright children who are late talkers. I chose to read it because my two sons are late talkers and my daughter began to speak late too. The book was written by economist Thomas Sowell whose son was also a late talker. When his three year old son still could not speak, he got very worried, as many parents in this situation. However, although his son could not speak, he could see that he was an intelligent child, who for instance managed to open locks or to solve puzzles.

After that, his son began to speak, developed very well and eventually became an engineer. After sharing his experience with his son in an article, he received many letters from other parents in the same situation. He soon found out that there were many late-talkers with similar characteristics: parents or close relatives who were engineers, musicians or working in an analytical profession, an interest and good abilities for puzzles, music, computers and analytical activities, late potty training. He also soon found out that there were no researches on these children, which is why he wrote this book.

He named the syndrome after Einstein because Einstein was also a late-talker with special abilities for analytical thinking. However, the author does not mean that all the children described in the book are new Einsteins, he just means that some people simply develop language later because they may develop other skills instead first.

I found this book very interesting. This is of course difficult to say if my children do have the Einstein syndrome but it is reassuring to see that many children are late with talking and potty training and then develop very well later.

Castle in the Air (Diana Wynne Jones)

This is a classic of children literature and it is a sweet and funny fantasy book. The main character is a young carpet sellers in an oriental kingdom who one day buys a magic carpet. The magic carpet brings him in his sleep to wonderful gardens. There he meets a beautiful princess and falls in love with her. When the princess is kidnapped by a djinn, the young man decides to save her. On his quest to save the princess, he meets all sorts of people and creatures such as a genie in a bottle, dangerous thieves, a wandering soldier, magic cats and many others.


    • momslovelearning

      The book was fascinating. I discovered in the book that there is also the reverse syndrome: children whose analytical abilities are very behind but who have better language and social skills than most adults.

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