Things I love about Nanowrimo

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I will not be able to do Nanowrimo this year. Actually, I have not been able to do it for several years now. To do Nanowrimo, you really need to invest much time and with little children at home, this is not easy. However, I have fantastic memories of the times I won Nanowrimo.

What is Nanowrimo?

Nanowrimo, the National Novel Writing Month, is a challenge for which you are supposed to write a novel of at least 50.000 words in November.

What I like about Nanowrimo

  • The Nanowrimo website: a great design and a lot of fun.
  • Statistics: on the Nanowrimo website, you can enter everyday your word count and obtain fun graphs and statistics.
  • Writing badges: I love receiving badges. For anything. I just love them.
  • Pep talks from published writers: they are fun and inspiring.
  • Nanowrimo community: there are forums and events for Naowrimo participants. I never went to any Nanowrimo event but they sound really cool.
  • The Nanotoons website: a funny webcomic about Nanowrimo.
  • Writing a real novel: I know, the novels you write during Nanowrimo are often not that good and need a lot of editing. But you did write a novel and this is something to celebrate!

And you, have you already tried Nanowrimo? What do you like best about it?


  • ceridwensilverhart

    I’ve done Nanowrimo in the past, but not for the last couple of years. I’ve got a lot of other projects to work on and I’m actually writing little bits here and there, so I figure it isn’t too much of a loss. Still, I miss how motivating it was to watch my word count climb. I don’t think I ever “won” Nanowrimo, but something about the challenge got my pencil flying!

    • momslovelearning

      I see what you mean. The times I did Nanowrimo, I found the statistics totally motivating. Without Nanowrimo, I write little bits here and there but I struggle with finishing any story.

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