The month of reading aloud a lot: week 2

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The second week of my reading aloud a lot challenge went well. I could not write the blog post about it before because I went to France with the children at the end of the week, to visit my parents. I only came back yesterday. Week 2 was a little stressful because we had to prepare for the holiday but we still could read much together.

 The month of reading a lot to children - week 2

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What we read this week


  • Tralalire, le petit, tout petit hibou – the very, very little owl (P)
  • Martine fait de la bicyclette – Martine rides a bike (P)
  • Tomtom et Nana (B)
  • Paddington (P)

Total points: 4 points


  • Les Belles Histoires, Le trésor du lutin bougon – The grumpy pixie’s treasure (P and M)

Total points: 2 points


  • Tralalire: Le parapluie de lapin – Rabbit’s umbrella (B, P et M)
  • Tralalire: Petit Taxi Tut Tut – Little Taxi Tut Tut (B,P et M)

Total points: 6 points


  • Hexe Lilli macht Hausaufgaben – Witch Lilli does homework (one page read by B)

Total points: 1 bonus point


  • Puh der Bär – Winnie The Pooh (one page read by B)
  • Martine fait de la bicyclette – Martine rides a bike (P)

Total points: 1 + 1 bonus point


  • M. Peureux et les Pirates – Mr Jelly and the Pirates (once with P and once with P and M)

Total points: 3 points


  • Miraculous Ladybug (B)
  • Une Bonne Pêche pour M. Meli-Melo – Mr Muddle’s Good Catch (B, P and M)
  • M. Glouton est invité à diner – Mr Greedy comes round for Lunch (B,P and M)

Total points: 7 points

Total points for the week: 25 points

What worked well

As already said, this was a somewhat stressful week because we needed to prepare for the Eastern holiday. Therefore, I did not read as much as I had hoped. I reached 25 points whereas I had reached 32 points on week 1. However, I managed to get at least one point every day, which is good.

Some of the books read this week were particularly popular amongst the children.

The boys really like the story of Mr Jelly and the Pirates. They found it very funny.

As my daughter loves the Miraculous Ladybug cartoons, she was delighted when she got the comic book. The stories of the lovely Marinette and her friend Adrien who are able to transform themselves into the super heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir are very cute. I like them too. I find the show popularity sometimes amusing because to say the truth, Marinette is definitely not a name that is very typical for a French teenager. Women called Marinette in France are rather over 80.

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