The month of reading aloud a lot: week 1

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The first week of my reading aloud challenge is now coming to end. Until now, this challenge has been fun. I read to the children every day and we already could read several books and stories we really liked.

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The month of reading aloud a lot - week 1


For information, the list of books read this week includes several children magazines. I count them as books because these are very qualitative publications that include several stories that are very well written and beautifully illustrated. When I allude to them in the list, then I’ll give both the name of the magazine (we receive every month Tralalire, Les Belles Histoires and Mes premiers J’aime Lire), the name of the story we read and the English translation. All three magazines are French because German children magazines are not very qualitative.

I will give the titles of the books read in their original language, followed with an English translation. It will then be easier for me to find out how many books I read in French and in German. I will also write the initials of the children as a way to remember which child listened to which story.

Regarding the points system used for the challenge, you can read my post about the month of reading aloud a lot to children for further information

What we read this week


  • Tralalire, le petit, tout petit hibou – the very, very little owl (M)
  • Tralalire, Bou et Ha – Bou and Ha (P)
  • Jacques et le Haricot magique – Jack and the beanstalk (M and P)

Total points: 4 + 1 bonus point


  • Hansel et Gretel – Hansel and Gretel (M and P)
  • J’aime Lire, le Voleur de la Tour Eiffel – the thief of the Eiffel Tower (B)

Total points: 3 + 1 bonus point


  • Paddington Bär – Paddington Bear(one page read by B alone)
  • Paddington Bär – Paddington Bear (twice with P alone and once with P and M)

Total points: 3 + 1 bonus point


  • Tomtom et Nana – Tomtom and Nana (B)
  • Le petit chaperon rouge – The Little Red Riding Hood (M et P)
  • Tralalire, le petit, tout petit hibou – the very, very little owl (P)

Total points: 4 + 1 bonus point


  • Le Trésor d’Émilie – Emilie’s treasure (P)
  • Les trois petits cochons – The Three Little Pigs (P and M)
  • Les Belles Histoires, Le trésor du lutin bougon – The grumpy pixie’s treasure (P and M)

Total points: 5 + 1 bonus point


  • Cinderella – Cinderella (P)
  • Le chat botté – Puss in Boots (P et M)

Total points: 3 + 2 bonus points


  • Belles Histoires, Poisson-Giraffe – Fish-Girafe (M)
  • Phobo a mal aux dents – Phobo has toothache (P)
  • J’aime Lire, Un maître mystérieux – A mysterious teacher (B)

Total points: 3 points

Total points for the week: 32

What worked well

Through the reading aloud challenge, I read more to the children as usual. I was more careful of finding time to read a book for the children. We did not read only in the evening before going to bed but also at other times of the day.

Some of the books were very popular amongst the children. For instance, the boys loved Paddington. I must say, I find the book absolutely lovely too. I will have to buy other books of the same collection.

I also really like our fairy tales book (we have the French version but there is an English version too)

Things to be improved

I read much more French books than German books. As we live in Germany, I should read a little more German to the children.

I also sometimes struggle with getting the attention of the children. For instance, when I read fairy tales, the boys do not always listen the all story. They play along as I am reading. Maybe I should really take each kid individually when reading because it is easier then for the children to concentrate.

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