The month of reading aloud (a lot) to the children

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As April is coming, I decided to start a new monthly project: the month of reading aloud (a lot) to children. Lately, I have not consequently read to the children. When I come back from work in the evening, I do not have so much energy to do something meaningful with the children, This has to change and I hope this monthly project will motivate me to read more to the children.

The month of reading aloud (a lot) to children

Advantages of the project:

  • Enables to spend quality time with the children
  • Improve the language skills of the children
  • Improve reading skills for the first grader
  • Inspiration as I would like to write a children book one day


  • Read if possible everyday to at least one child
  • Read at least 20 different books or stories¬†
  • Read 10 traditional fairy tales such as Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood
  • Have my daughter read as much as possible herself

Difficulties to deal with:

  • Language choice: we speak German and French at home but my daughter is more comfortable with reading German texts. However, I have a lot of children books in French.
  • Speech delay: the boys still do not speak much. It is difficult to find out which kinds of books they want to read
  • Competition with other activities: the children do not always feel like reading a book with me.


As for the month of living healthier challenge, I am giving myself points when I reach some objectives. 

  • Reading a book or story to a child: +1 point
  • Reading a book or story to several children: +2 or 3 points according to the number of children present
  • Reading books both in German and French in the day: +1 point
  • Reading a traditional fairy tale such as Cinderella: +1 point
  • Get my daughter to read out loud too: +1 point
  • Reading related activity (to be defined, if you have any suggestion, please write them in the comment section): +1 point

If a book is composed of several stories, I will count a point for each story read. If I begin a book but do not finish it because the children lose interest, I may count a point or not according to the number of pages read.



  • bookishinspiration

    This is a great challenge. I absolutely loved reading to my kids when they were little. It was such a cozy time for us. Plus, as you said, reading aloud has so many benefits for kids. Enjoy this special time!

    • momslovelearning

      Thanks for the kind comment. I was sure you did read a lot to your kids when they were little. I can remember your literary advent calendar on your blog. It was such a great idea.

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