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The month of living healthier

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One of my goals for 2019 is to try new monthly projects. I did not try any project in January but I decided that February would be my month of living healthier. This is not a diet though. Honestly, I would not know which diet to follow. There are so many of them and you cannot be sure whether they are really that healthy. I also find that many diets are difficult to follow if you have a normal social life. It is difficult to refuse a piece of the cake baked by your mother in law because you are on a diet. For this month of living healthier, I am going to work on three aspects of healthy living: alimentation, exercise and self-care.

The month of living healthier

Eating healthy food

I do not plan to do a diet but I want to reduce my sugar intake and to eat more fruits and vegetables. I have to confess that, in our family, we eat too much chocolate and that we do not always reach 5 fruits and vegetables a day. We have to make progress there. The goal is not to lose weight. We will probably lose some at the end of the challenge but it is not our main concern. What I hope is to improve other aspects of our health, such as improving our digestion or feeling less tired. 


I am not very found of sport and neither is my husband. I like walking and yoga though. Actually, I managed to include a lot of walking in my daily routine, which really helps to remain fit. I want to keep walking a lot. And I want to resume doing some yoga because I haven’t done any for ages. Another sport that is easy to introduce in my daily life is dancing. As soon as there is some music in the room, my children start to dance and want me to dance with them. I am terrible at dancing, but with the children it is fun anyway.


Self-care is important for your well-being. I do not always find time for this though. I want to try to use natural products as much as possible for my self-care routine. An inspiration for that is the no-poo movement. 

Evaluation system

As I wrote before, this is not a strict diet but rather an attempt to have a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, I did not want a strict evaluation system. I decided instead to introduce bonus points for healthy behavior for me and for my family. The goal is to maximize the number of points earned.

  • Eat 5 fruits or vegetables in a day: +1
  • Eat 10 fruits or vegetables in a day: +2
  • No soft drinks or juice during the entire day: +1
  • No sugar during the entire day: +1
  • Eat fermented food: +1
  • Cook a healthy meal for the whole family: +1
  • Cook a healthy meal together with the children: +2
  • Try a new healthy recipe: +1
  • Have a walk during at least 30 min: +1
  • Have a walk with the children: +2
  • Do some yoga: +1
  • Do yoga with the children: +2
  • Dance with the children: +1
  • Prepare a DIY beauty mask and try it: +1

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