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The month of living healthier – week 1

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The first week of my month of living healthier challenge is now over and it is time to analyze the first results. I will first give the details of the points earned and then analyze what worked well or not so well during this first week.

The month of living healthier - week 1

Points earned during the week

01/02: 5 points

  • no sugar +1           
  • no sweet drinks +1           
  • 10 fruits and vegetables : +2           
  • fermented food: +1 (Sauerkraut)

02/02: 9 points

  • new healthy recipe with the children: +2           
  • have a walk with the children: +2         
  • fermented food +1 (yogurt)         
  • 5 fruits and vegetables: +1           
  • healthy recipe for breakfast: +1 (grapefruit with yogurt and almonds)             
  • no sweet drinks: +1           
  • hair mask: +1

03/02: 8 points

  • have a walk with the children: +2           
  • dance with the children +1           
  • yoga with the children +2           
  • new healthy recipe with the children: +2           
  • no sweet drinks: +1

04/02: 4 points

  • No sugar +1
  • 5 vegetables and fruits +1
  • dance with the children +1
  • hair and face mask +1

05/02: 4 points

  • fermented food (yogurt): +1           
  • have a walk with the children +2           
  • no sweet drinks +1

06/02: 3 points

  • have a walk +1           
  • no sweet drinks: +1           
  • 5 fruits and vegetables: +1

07/02: 5 points

  • have a walk +1           
  • no sweet drinks: +1           
  • 5 fruits and vegetables: +1           
  • fermented food (Sauerkraut) +1         
  • no sugar: +1

Total week 1: 38 points!

What worked well

The challenge is not very strict because you earn points for healthy behaviors rather than totally avoiding unhealthy behaviors. I was therefore afraid that I would not be motivated enough to really change something. However, I was happy to see that it made me more aware of what I am eating. I was motivated because I wanted to earn as many points as possible.

Some aspects of the challenge were easy for me. Indeed, I have not been drinking so much soft drink and juice as a child so it is not difficult for me to drink mainly water. As I was sick this week, I drank a lot of herbal tea too. For breakfast, I drank some coffee with milk but without any sugar.

Having walks is also something that I can easily do. I always go to the supermarket by foot, which enables me to walk a lot. On Tuesday, I had a medical appointment (for my youngest son). I went there by foot with the children. The baby was in the stroller but the two big children walked nearly 40 minutes long without complaining, so I was very proud of them.

As for eating fruits and vegetables, the challenge definitely made me more aware of the number of fruits and vegetables I eat every day. As I am going to my company’s canteen during the week, I could easily have access to salads and vegetarian meals. It really helped me to reach my goals.

Finally, one aspect of the challenge I really like is that I am becoming more points when the children are involved. I was more motivated to exercise with them and I even did some yoga with my daughter, something I had not done for a long time.

What did not work so well

I already wrote that the whole family has a sweet tooth. The most difficult this week was to avoid sugar. I managed to have no sugar at all only three days out of seven. On the whole, I definitely ate less sugar this week though. My husband is not so fond of trying to reduce his sugar consumption. As for the children, there was no big decrease in their sugar consumption either.

My attempt to introduce healthier cookies failed. I had found an interesting recipe of chocolate cookies made of avocado puree and nut butter that were totally sugar free. I baked the cookies with the children and that was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, neither the children nor my husband did like the cookies. After trying one, they all said that the cookies were disgusting. Probably I did not follow the recipe correctly. I was very disappointed. After this failure, I did not try so many new recipes.

Plans for next week

I want to keep working with my points system as it motivates me. I want to try new healthy recipes too, as I have no tried so many this week. And I want to do as many activities as possible together with the children. Cooking with them is fun, and so are dancing and yoga.

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  • tina

    You did great this week! I am impressed you got your kids to walk for 40 minutes. That’s a feat! I have a hard time getting my son to walk the dogs around the block, although it is REALLY cold here so I have to give him that. Again, I love the idea of giving yourself points. I tried in a mini-way this week by giving myself a point for every glass of water I drank. I always have to remind myself to drink more water. Coffee is my go-to. Keep up the great work!

    • momslovelearning

      Thank you for the kind comment. We had a relatively good weather for winter, so the children were not too cold. I did not think of counting the glasses of water I drink in a day. This is a good idea.

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