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The month of living healthier: day one

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Today was the first day of my new monthly project, the month of living healthier. It went well. I was lucky though, because no one did bring any cake or sweets. Just for reminder, I explained the rules of the challenge in the article I wrote yesterday. This is not a strict diet but rather a positive health challenge. I receive points for doing some actions like for instance cooking a healthy meal, have a walk or avoid sugar an entire day.

My first day results

  • No sugar during the entire day: +1
  • Eat 10 fruits or vegetables in a day: +2
  • No soft drinks or juice during the entire day: +1
  • Eat fermented food: +1

This makes a total of 5 points. Today went very well. I am glad I managed to eat so many fruits and vegetables. It was mostly due to the fact that we had vegetables soup with sausage in the canteen. I also took a small salad and an apple. For breakfast, I had one slice of wholewheat bread with cream cheese. I usually eat the bread with both cream cheese and jam but today I did not eat jam because I wanted to get a point for avoiding sugar an entire day. In the evening, I ate avocado toast, salad, sausages and sauerkraut. I do not count any point for the cooking though because my husband cooked everything but the avocado toast and because no one except me wanted to eat the avocado toast.

As tomorrow is Saturday, I will be able to exercise more and to do more activities together with the children. I have been searching for healthy recipes and I am thinking of baking avocado-chocolate cookies with the children this week-end. There is no sugar at all in these cookies, so I want to try whether they taste good or not.


  • tina

    I love this idea of giving yourself points. It seems like a better way to get healthy than simply counting calories. I think I’ll try something like this, too. Thanks for the motivation!

    • momslovelearning

      I have also a similar system for my parenting skills. I noticed that each time I read something about parenting, I felt like a terrible mother. Then I began to make monthly lists of all the fun activities I did with the children and I already felt I was a much better mother. As alimentation is another topic that makes me easily feel guilty, I thought I would try this too.

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