The month of learning Spanish

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The month of learning Spanish. # languages # Spanish

I had planned to brush up my Spanish this year but I was so busy with the blog, my job and the children that I hardly found time to work on the language. To deal with this problem, I decided to write several articles about learning Spanish on the blog. A November begins, I decided this would be my month of learning Spanish. That should be enough motivation to resume working on my Spanish skills.

This month, I want to publish several posts on the topic. I want to both share my progresses in Spanish and give some tips to learn languages in general and Spanish more particularly. 

Online free resources I will use to learn Spanish

  • Duolingo: I have been using Dueling for years now but lately I have not worked much on it. Yet, there is much to do there. I had once finished the Spanish tree but there were changes in the tree then so there are lots of new exercises I haven’t yet begun. The number of Duolingo stories has increased a lot too. There are now fifteen sets of stories
  • BBC Spanish: this is the first website I used when I began to learn Spanish. I liked it then and I want to work with it again and see whether there are some changes there. There is also a test I want to take.
  • 123 teach me: The website is quite new to me but it offers games and also resources about conjugation, which is a point where I am facing difficulties now.

I could list more resources but one month is not so long and I would like to work seriously with these three websites before I use other websites. However, I might use other resources too such as songs or books. I have had time yet to check by my favorite bookshop whether I can find some easy novel in Spanish though.

If you are learning Spanish too, what resources are you using? You can write your tips in the comments section.

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