The month of learning Spanish: third week report

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This is already the third week of my month of learning Spanish. This week again, I could not spend as much time learning Spanish as I had hoped but I managed to work on my Spanish skills every day. I am now writing my third week report.

The month of learning Spanish - third week report

What I did this week (third week report)

  • 15/11: 1 Duolingo story + 2 Duolingo exercises + review conjugation of comer, vivir and ser (indicative)
  • 16/11: 1 Duolingo story + 1 Duolingo exercise
  • 17/11: 1 Duolingo story + 2 Duolingo exercises + test go fluent (B2: COMPRENSIÓN AUDITIVA63%, COMPRENSIÓN LECTORA88%, GRAMÁTICA88%, VOCABULARIO75%) + Gofluent Vocabulario de horario de trabajo
  • 18/11: 3 Duolingo exercises
  • 19/11: 1 Duolingo story + 2 Duolingo exercises + 2 Go fluent exercises (grammar)
  • 20/11: 4 Duolingo exercises + 1 Go fluent exercise (vocabulary)
  • 21/11:  1 Duolingo story + 2 Duolingo exercises + 3 Go fluent exercises (article + 2 grammar)

Duolingo statistics

  • 15/11: 50 points
  • 16/11: 38 points
  • 17/11: 46 points
  • 18/11: 30 points
  • 19/11: 52 points
  • 20/11: 40 points
  • 21/11: 52 points

This makes a total of 308 points. This is less than last week. However, I have begun using an other e-learning solution for Spanish so the decrease is also showing that.

Testing goFLUENT

The company for which I am working has been developing its e-learning offer a lot in the last months. This is the reason why I have been able to use goFLUENT for free. I can use it both in the workplace and at home, which I find really practical.

When you first begin to use goFLUENT, you have to take a test. I was surprised to see that I got a B2 level because at the beginning of the month, I had taken a free Spanish test on the Internet and I got a A1-A2 level. I do not think I progressed so much in just two weeks. I think the methodology of both tests is simply different. 

Here is my score with the goFluent test:

  • GRAMÁTICA: 88%

My reading comprehension is pretty good. This is no surprise because Spanish is pretty close to French, my native language and this is a great help when I encounter new Spanish words. My grammar is better than I thought. Learning the conjugation as I did the two last weeks definitely helped. The field in which I have most difficulties is listening comprehension. To be honest, I answered some of the listening questions randomly so my real score is probably lower.

I also tested some of the exercises offered by goFLUENT. For instance, I tested the categories grammar, vocabulary and articles and found them useful. There are even online courses with real teachers but I haven’t tried that yet. I also like the fact that goFLUENT gives you access to charts showing your results in detail and analyzes these results to give you some direction in your learning process.

What it brought

I am happy I could diversify my learning resources this week. I will keep using goFluent in the future as the resources it offers are diverse and interesting. However, I want to keep using Duolingo too. I like the Duolingo stories and I also like the fact that you can quickly  do one or two exercises when you have only a little time.

In the nest weeks, I want to work more on my listening skills. This is a little difficult to me because I prefer reading and writing to listening and speaking. This is supposed to be typical for introverts. I have to be careful though because it is a major point of learning a language. I had actually the same problem with English as I was at school. In high school, I read all the Harry Potter books (I mean all those already published then) in English. This helped me to improve dramatically my reading and listening skills but my speaking and listening skills were much less developed. I really became aware of this when I read “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and realized that I was speaking exactly like Fleur Delacour. 

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