The month of learning Spanish: second week report

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This has been a busy week again. Work was busy again, I had to take the children to the doctor again and I did not get enough sleep. There were days I really had to struggle to find a little time to work on my Spanish. Fortunately, I managed to practice Spanish a little everyday so I am still on track with my month of learning Spanish challenge. I am now writing my second week report. 

The month of learning Spanish - second week report

What I did this week (second week report)

  • 8/11: read 2 posts of the blog El blog para appender espanol (key en espanol + vocabulario de navidad) + 2 Duolingo exercises + 1 Duolingo story
  • 9/11: 2 Duolingo stories + 3 Duolingo exercises
  • 10/11: 1 Duolingo story + 3 Duolingo exercises + read post of Spanish language blog on conditional + learn conjugation estar indicative
  • 11/11: 7 Duolingo exercises
  • 12/11: 4 Duolingo exercises + read blog para aprender espaƱol
  • 13/11: 1 Duolingo story + 3 Duolingo exercices
  • 14/11: 1 Duolingo story + 1 Duolingo exercise + blog word of the day (Nacimiento) + learn conjugation comer and vivid indicative

Duolingo statistics

Here are my Duolingo figures for the second week report

  • 8/11: 48 points
  • 9/11: 84 points
  • 10/11: 52 points
  • 11/11: 70 points
  • 12/11: 40 points
  • 13/11: 60 points
  • 14/11: 32 points

This makes a total of 386 points. Last week, I had a total of 384 points. 

What it brought

I wish I had done more this week but there are still things I am happy about. First, I am glad that I kept working on the conjugations. I have now reviewed the conjugation of the three types of verbs ( with endings in ar, er and ir) as well as the verbs ser and estar (to be). I only reviewed the indicative though. I will have to work on the subjunctive too. Second, I am happy because I found some interesting blogs for Spanish learners. Reading these posts was fun and kept me motivated. I am also happy I kept working on the Duolingo stories. I like them better than the exercises as I feel they really help me improving my reading and listening skills.

If you want to learn more about the month of learning Spanish, here are a few posts you can read:

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