The month of learning Spanish: fourth week report

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I am now writing the fourth week report of my month of learning Spanish. The monthly challenge will soon be over. I have been able to find time every day to work a little on my Spanish skills so I am pretty happy I have tried this.

What I did this week (fourth week report)

  • 22/11: 1 Duolingo story + 2 Duolingo exercises + 4 Gofluent exercises (2 grammar + 1 How to + 1 article)
  • 23/11: 2 exercises Duolingo + 3 exercises Gofluent (grammar)
  • 24/11: 3 Gofluent exercises (2 videos + 1 vocabulary) + 1 Duolingo exercise + 1 Duolingo story
  • 25/11: 3 Duolingo exercises + 1 Duolingo story
  • 26/11: 3 Duolingo exercises + 2 Gofluent exercises (1 how to + 1 article)
  • 27/11: 1 Duolingo story + 2 Gofluent article ( 1 video + 1 grammar)
  • 28/11: 2 Duolingo exercises + 2 Gofluent exercises (1 article + 1 vocabulary)

Duolingo statistics

  • 22/11: 46 points
  • 23/11: 20 points
  • 24/11: 46 points
  • 25/11: 64 points
  • 26/11: 30 points
  • 27/11: 30 points
  • 28/11: 20 points

This makes a total of 256 points. However, given that I have been working with goFluent too, this is still a good score.

Testing goFLUENT

As already mentioned in my third week report, I have access to goFluent through the company I am working for. I have tried all the different kinds of exercises proposed. Unfortunately, I could not use the online classes because I struggle to make time for this. It is indeed difficult to plan much for classes because I do not always know when the children are going to sleep.

Here are the exercises I tested:

  • grammar: I tried several grammar exercises. I found them useful but it is sometimes difficult to choose between all the exercises offered. I do not always know which exercises are most useful to me right now. In comparison with duolingo, I would say the correction is stricter. Indeed, with duolingo, I am sometimes lazy and do not put any accent because I know the answer will still be validated. I can’t do that on goFluent.
  • videos: I watched three videos. This is the kind of exercises that is most difficult for me. However, I really like the fact that you can choose the speed of the audio commentary: slow, normal or fast. Moreover, you can also choose to have undertitles or not.
  • articles: there are articles about many subjects: art, economics, technologies, and even cooking. 
  • vocabulary: the vocabulary exercises are more classical. There are many different domains covered, which is good. 
  • How to: theses are articles somewhat similar to the vocabulary articles. You have for instance an article about how to write or to accept an invitation. 

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