The Halloween Creatures Book Tag

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I do not really celebrate Halloween. I grew up in France, where it is not a major event and I now live in Germany where it is not very important either. However, when I read about the Halloween Creatures Book Tag, I thought it could be a lot of fun. 

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Answer all prompts.
Answer honestly.
Tag 1-13 people.
Link back to this post. ( For me it was the blog Lioness at Large)
Remember to credit the creator. (Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward)<
Have fun!

A Magical Character or Book.

Circe by Madeline Miller. This is an excellent novel based on the myth of magician Circe. One of the first witch ever…

The Perfect Book to Read at Night.

Since I have children, I try to read them stories at night. A book like Paddington Bear is very popular with my children.

A Book that Truly Shocked You.

Couleurs de l’incendie by Pierre Lemaitre. The beginning was quite hard and I nearly stopped reading after a few chapters. I still kept reading and I am happy about it because it was a very good book. 

The Devil
A Dark, Evil Character.

There are quite a few to choose from. Sauron in the Lord of the Rings, of course. Voldemort in the Harry Potter books.

Grim Reaper
A Character that Should Never Have Died.

It is difficult to choose. I will say Gavroche in Les Miserables.

A Book that Made You “Hungry” for More.

Harry Potter. As I began to read the series, all the books had not been written yet. I can still remember how we impatiently my friends and I were waiting for the next books to be published!

A Character that You Would Protect at All Cost.

Matilda (Roald Dahl). I mean, who would not want to protect her?

A Book that Sucked the Life Out of You.

Anna Karenina (Tolstoi). It was a great book but after Anna died, I nearly felt as if I had died too.

A Book that Still Haunts You.

Diaboliques (Barbey d’Aurevilly). The short stories in the book are not as scary as it sounds but some of them are quite disturbing.

A Book that Really Scared You.

Anything by Lovecraft. All the books I read by him really really scared me.

A Character You Have a Bone to Pick With.

Not sure what to answer there. Did someone else get really fed up with Clary and Jace moaning during the whole Mortal Instruments series? I liked the series but wished the all time the main character had been Simon. I liked Simon and Izzy much better than Clary and Jace.

A Book You Would Preserve Throughout Time.

Letters From Father Christmas, by Tolkien. It is such a lovely little book and it is great to read with children when Christmas is coming.

Creepy Doll
A Cover too Scary to Look At.

I am really not sure what to choose. Actually, I am easily scared. Any book cover that is designed to be scary does scare me.


It’s Fun to Be with Friends on Halloween!
Tag Your Friends!

Anyone and everyone who read this post and wants to do this. Please tell me in the comments if you decide to try because I would love to see which books you pick for each category!


  • ceridwensilverhart

    This is a fun way to talk about books! I haven’t read Mortal Instruments, but I hate whiny characters. I got so fed up with the whiny narrator in the book Frankenstein, although I’m still glad I read it because it was so different from the movie.

    • momslovelearning

      I read Frankenstein years ago. I liked it but now I remember that the narrator was indeed quite whiny.
      The Mortal Instruments books were actually good but the two main characters got in each new book whinier. In a way, I could understand them because their family history was a huge mess but it still got on my nerves.

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