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Suddenly homeschooling

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I live in Germany where homeschooling is normally illegal. However, because of the coronavirus crisis, the schools are closed and all families here are discovering homeschooling. I have been interested in homeschooling for some time, but I had no idea I would have to start so suddenly homeschooling. Until then, in spite of our lack of preparation, it has not worked too bad.

First week

The first week worked actually rather well, even if I had to work in home office too. We received an email from my daughter’s teacher with the list of the work to do for the week and managed to do everything on the list. My daughter was still pretty motivated and did not do any difficulty to work. I tried to include further educative project such as reading a book on Toulouse-Lautrec together (that did not have so much success however) and doing some creative activities. My daughter loved creating necklaces with scoubidou plastic cords. It made her busy for days.

We also used digital resources. We loaded several books on the tablet and we used the maths and the reading websites the teacher had introduces us to.

For the boys, however, I could not find so many educational projects. We play with duplos a lot and I try to use them to introduce other topics such as colors or animals. They also use educative games on the tablet and I bought a few children magazines which had both stories to read and learning activities.

Of course, we did some French too. I read a few books in French and we sang some French songs too. That was it however.

Second week

The second week was more difficult. As both my company and its clients are getting used to home working, I had more work than the previous week. My daughter lost some motivation and it was more difficult therefore to finish the teacher’s second week program. We managed it but it was tough.

Moreover, we ran out of scoubidous! It was then more difficult to get my daughter busy. I bought colourful paper for creative projects, a Paw Patrol coloring book and a book with scratch cards. The children played with that, but not as much as I had thought. Therefore, they spent more time watching tv and playing video games than I am comfortable with.

This week-end was quite full with new activities though. My daughter got a new interest for hairdressing. We tried different hairstyles, we sang and we danced too. We did some cooking with the two oldest kids.

Plans for the next weeks

This week will probably be a little tough because I still have to work in home office and, in the field I am working in, the first day/ last day of a month are always very busy. The new program the teacher sent for our third week of homeschooling seems somewhat longer too. However, we had a lot of fun activities this week-end so we have something to refer to when the children get bored.


  • matthewrbaker

    Great job homeschooling your children! I don’t know how old your kids are, but you might consider buying some spelling or grammar books for them. Also, maybe some simple math books that they can use to practice addition, subtraction, and so forth. My family still has a lot of old homeschooling books and resources, and if we lived in the same country we would be more than happy to send you whatever you needed.

    • momslovelearning

      This is very kind from you. We have still the books that my daughter’s school lent to us. I have no idea if she is going back to school before the next school year though. We are trying to not think too much about it and simply do our best.
      I hope you are safe and healthy too and that your new business does not suffer from the coronavirus crisis.

      • matthewrbaker

        Thank you. My family and I are staying safe and healthy. I am blessed to have a “day job” that I am working from home during this time. I am also putting more time into my new business with the goal of helping get other businesses online since many are shut down.
        Take good care! 🙂

  • ceridwensilverhart

    Homeschooling can be challenging, but also very rewarding! I hope you’re able to find more projects and resources for your kids to work on that keep things fun. Take care of yourself!

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