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My last post was my 100th post on this blog. This is an important milestone to me because, when I started this blog, one of my goals was to write at least 100 posts. I did not want to quit before I reached this as I had read that a blog needed at least 100 posts to really start working.

Some facts about this blog

Key figures since the blog was created

By writing these 100 blog posts, I could:

  • learn how to use WordPress
  • improve my writing skills
  • improve my design skills
  • work on self-discipline and keep working on the blog even when it looked like no one is reading.
  • keep track on my different learning and self-development projects
  • connect with interesting readers and bloggers

Some things that did not work that well:

  • monetizing the blog: it was kind of a failure at first. I tried to apply to the Amazon affiliate program but had to reapply twice because I did not reached 3 qualified sales. I finally reached these 3 sales a few days ago, by the third try. This is a point I still have to work on.
  • Although I tried to keep writing blog posts regularly, I did not spend much time promoting new blog posts on Pinterest. This caused a decrease in the number of daily views in the last months.

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