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Plans for November

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November begins in 2 days. For me, this means that Blogtober is nearly finished. It was a fun experience but it starts being pretty difficult to find a new post idea every day. If you are doing Blogtober this year too, how difficult did you find that?

At first, I had planned to take an online course in November but then I got an opportunity to go to a speech therapy cure for my sons. So, we will have a break from daily life and go to a clinic for a few weeks speech therapy. I hope the coronavirus crisis won’t prevent us from traveling there. Maybe, I will still be able to complete a short online course before getting there, but I am not sure. This year has been really exhausting and I think it will be a nice break.

I also plan to read a few books. This is indeed something I can so wherever I am. I have not decided yet which books I should read. There are so many books I would be interested in.

And you, what are your plans for November?

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