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Our favorite toys this Summer

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As this Summer has been particularly hot until now, the boys have spent much time in water. We just run some water (not too much!) in the bathtub and we let them play with their bath toys. We recently bought new bath toys that the children particularly love but there are other favorite toys with which the children currently play a lot.

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Our favorite toys this Summer

Our favorite toys

We are happy we bought these new bath toys because the children had a lot of fun with them. Even my daughter, who is seven, loved playing with them in the bathtub. They currently belong to the children’s favorite toys.

The submarine spray station

The children loved playing with the submarine. The submarine is working like a pump. Water is drawn through the submarine to the diver shower head. The set also includes a play station. You can poor water in two funnels and observe the effects.


The maxi-digger is very popular amongst the boys at home. The boys can sit on it and “drive” it. It is possible to use this toy both indoors or outdoors. For instance, the children can play with it in a sandbox.


This is again a toy that is great both for indoors and for outdoors playing. The boys like filling it with Duplo bricks and carry them through the apartment.

My Little Pony’s seashell lagoon playset

My daughter loves My Little Pony so she is loving this playlet with Pinkie Pie as a seapony. There are nice light effects and if you put a little water in the toy, you can make some bubbles too. A Pinkie Pie figure, a fish figure and different accessories are included in the set.

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