My goals for September

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Summer is coming to an end and September will be busy. My son is starting nursery school and my daughter has just resumed school. I have also some doctor appointments for the children. And I have some further projects too.

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My goals for September

My data science project

I have been interested in learning more about data science for some time now and I finally decided to start working on that. I enrolled to some data science courses on Coursera. I started with the IBM data science course „What is data science?“ which was still pretty easy. 

Then, I attempted the course „Introduction to data science with Python“ from the University of Michigan which is more challenging. I have not finished this one yet because I found out that I lacked some knowledge of the tools that were used in the course. So I took another course out of the IBM data science courses: „Open source tools for data science“ which is better for beginners.

I will need time for this project so I do not want to make it a one month project. The goal is to work on the data science courses until the end of the year. If I can finish the IBM certification until then, this would be great. I am not sure yet how realistic this is. I will reconsider this goal in the next month, according to my experience with the learning material.

My blog

I will probably have difficulties posting regularly on the blog in September but I sure want to keep writing. I have lately read two very good books: Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson and Ultralearning by Scott H young. These books definitely deserve a book review so I will try to work on that. I will also try to post about my progress in my data science project.

Family related projects

My daughter’s teacher has launched a reading project for the children of her class. The children received an image with different parts to color. Each time one child reads 10 minutes aloud, an adult has to sign one of the image parts and the child colors it. Once the image is totally colored, the child received a little present from the teacher. 

I definitely want to try to get my daughter to read every day until the image is entirely colored. I might be not that strict about the time spent read though. I am happy if she reads every day, even if she sometimes only reads 5 minutes instead of 10. 

I have also to work with the boys on their speaking skills as the doctor finds they are not speaking enough. The older is now having speech therapy so we will see if it helps. I want to try to read aloud to him every day too, to support the process.

If there is still some time, I would like to resume cooking and baking with the children. We have not been cooking together for much too long.

Finally, I promised my husband to help him by one of his projects. He wants to write a book with all the best cakes and cookies recipes of his grandmother. This should be a kind of tribute to his late grandmother. This will be some work too because his grandma had really a lot of recipes.

And you? Do you have some interesting projects in September?

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