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My favorite apps for children

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As we were last confined at home, we bought tablets to keep the children entertained. We have Amazon Freetime on the tablets, which gives us access to several books and apps.

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Favorite apps for children

Monument valley

This game is graphically very beautiful. It is a kind of 3D Labyrinth in which you have to play with perspective effects to help the little character to find his way to the next door. My 5 year old son loves this game but he often needs help because it is somewhat difficult for little children.

Potty time with Elmo

This app is a great help for our potty training plan. There are many funny resources to make children excited about going to the toilets.


Pango and his friends are little animals that you can find in the different Pango apps. In Pangoland, you can discover their homes and help them with their daily tasks. For instance, you can pluck an apple from a tree in Pango’s garden to help him bake an apple pie. Or you can help the little fox to build a robot.

Dinosaur car

Dinosaurs driving cars… My sons just love it.

Bloons TD 5

In this games, you have a path, balloons and monkeys. You must place the different monkeys strategically for them to pop all the balloons before they reach the end of the path. It is a bit difficult for children actually but I do love this game so I am including it in the list.

Lego Duplo World

This is a great app for Duplo fans. There are a lot of funny activities for children.

Pippi Longstocking’s Villa Villekulla

All three children really love this app. In this game, you can visit Pippi’s house and play lots of different games. The children particularly love baking cookies in Pippi’s crazy kitchen. You can then serve the cookies to Pippi and her friends for Pippi’s birthday party.


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