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My Christmas bucket list

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Christmas is coming. Unfortunately, the whole family is facing a bad cold and we are sneezing and coughing a lot. However, we are very excited about Christmas and already started Christmas related activities. Here is my Christmas bucket list, a small list of things we have done or plan to do.

My Christmas bucket list
  • Bake Christmas cookies: done! We even baked twice, once only with the children and the second time with a friend of my daughter that we had invited.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree: done!
  • Bake Lebkuchen (German gingerbread cookies): we want to do that on Saturday
  • Bake a French bûche au chocolat (French Christmas cake): planned for Christmas day
  • Prepare a delicious Christmas meal: planned for Christmas day
  • Make homemade Christmas tree decorations: my daughter did a few.
  • Go to the Christmas market: done!
  • Sing Christmas songs together: still to be done
  • Buy presents for the children: done! We did not buy many presents this year as they are always getting so many presents from the grandparents.
  • Write a letter to Father Christmas: not really done. My daughter began a list of presents she would like to receive and gave up after she wrote three pages.
  • Read Tolkien’s Letters from Father Christmas to the children : we read only the few first pages. I will resume reading to the children when I am not sick any more.

And you, what are your favorite Christmas activities?


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