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Monthly projects ideas for 2019

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This year, I tried a monthly project which I called my month of learning Spanish. As 2019 is coming soon, I am thinking about trying some new monthly projects this year. If you are thinking of trying that too, you can check my list of monthly projects ideas for 2019 below.

Monthly project ideas

Monthly projects ideas for 2019

Healthy cooking month

This is a good project if you have the feeling that you have not been eating well lately. With this monthly challenge, you are supposed to cook one heathy meal every day for a month. I am thinking of trying this project as this is a field where my family and I could definitely improve. My children are fussy eaters, which will make the challenge difficult. However, they love to cook so this may be a way to engage them.

Nanowrimo/ Camp Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo means National Novel Writing Month. Writers all over the world try to write a 50.000 words novel in one month in November. You can also choose Camp Nanowrimo in April which lets you choose the number of words you want to write. I did Nanowrimo a few times and it was a lot of fun. However, to be honest, since I have children, I have not been able to do this any more. To win Nanowrimo, I need to spend around two hours a day writing. This is too much for me right now. However, I am thinking of getting my daughter to try the Nanowrimo children program. She may like it as she is very creative.

Python learning month

This is also something I am thinking about doing. I had begun learning Python last year. I learnt the basics through Codecademy. However, I am now slightly frustrated because I am at a point when I learned most basic rules of the language but I still cannot do much with it. I need to practice more if I want to be really able to use the language correctly. If you want your children to discover coding too, you can check the webbsite Scratch.

Chess learning month

I never learned chess as a child. However, references to chess are multiple in both classic and popular culture. So I ended up learning the rules to understand better these references. This project is not a priority for me right now but if you are looking for a fun project for your family, you can try this.

Children reading month

I have to admit I do not always manage to read every day to the children. The boys usually fight because they both want to be the one who turns the pages. None of them is doing it correctly though, so I have difficulties to finish my sentences. With my daughter, this is easier as she is older. One of my 2018 goals was to read 100 different books with her in 2018 and we achieved that. The benefit of a children reading month would be that it would help me to focus more on the boys.

The month of reading a lot

You too can set yourself some monthly reading goals. Try to find a goal that is challenging but still achievable. Note how many books you read in a month and try to find out what your reading goal should be. You can also choose to focus on quality rather than quantity. For instance, if you read usually light, easy books, you can choose to focus on classic literature or on non-fiction books for the month.

The month of being creative

If you want to become more creative, working on improving your creativity can be a fun project. You can decide to create something everyday: a poem, a drawing, a plot idea for a future novel, a list of business ideas in case you would decide to give up your job… This is again a challenge that can be extended to the whole family. Children love creative activities.

The month of networking

I found this idea on a career blog and I found it brillant. To be honest, networking is not a strength of mine. I am an introvert and this is not easy for me to speak to many people. So if I choose this project, it would be a very challenging one for me. You can possibly make this project more family-friendly if your organize play dates to network with other parents at your child’s school.

The month of being kinder

This is a valuable project both for adults and children. I already try to be kind to other people every day but I think a project would make me more aware of other people’s feelings and more observant of my surroundings. This can be a good way to make your family life smoother and sweeter too.

The month of taking better pictures

Everyone can use a camera but not everyone does take good pictures. To be honest, I am quite bad at photography. I have little patience for this and my pictures usually look horrible. I always manage to get someone to take pictures for me. However, as I am working on my blog, I am getting a little tired with the databank pictures you can get on the Internet. So I am thinking of a photography challenge as a way to improve my blogging.


  • Tina

    These are very fun ideas! And there are several of them I would like to try. Healthy cooking is definitely one I need to commit to. I also like the networking idea. I, too, am an introvert. It is hard to put yourself out there. I really have to force myself to do it.
    I really love this idea because every month you can focus on something fun and at the end of the month, you would definitely be better at it. And then you can move on to something new!
    I can’t wait to hear how this works out for you! Good luck!

    • momslovelearning

      Thanks for the kind comment. I have not yet decided which projects I am going to try this year.I think I will at least try learning Python and healthy cooking. I love the networking idea too but it really scares me.
      I am looking forward to reading more about your reading challenge.

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