Learning to code with Python – first week

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This week was exhausting. Not so much because it was the first week of the Learning to code with Python challenge though. There was a lot to do at work. All the colleagues in my working group were sick the all week and it was very stressful. Moreover, because of the bad weather, the children could not go so much to the playground and therefore did not always behaved as we would have wished. This is the reason why I could not write this post until now. But I still could work on my Python skills every day. Not as much as I wanted, but still every day.

Learning to code with Python - Week 1

Learning to code with Python – first week

01/05: Codecademy, Python Syntax completed (14 exercises)

02/05: Codecademy, Strings and control outputs (16 exercises)

03/05: Codecademy, Date and Time (6 exercises) + Conditionals & Control Flow (15 exercises)

04/05: Codecademy, Pyglatin (11 exercises) + Functions (19 exercises)

05/05: Codecademy, Taking a vacation (7exercises) + Python lists and dictionaries (14 exercises)

06/05: Codecademy, A day at the supermarket (13 exercises)

07/05: Codecademy, Student becomes the teacher (9 exercises) + Lists and functions (18 exercises)

What worked well

Actually, I worked a lot on Codecademy and could review most of the basics of the Python language. The Codecademy exercises at the beginning of the course are short and easy, so I could advance very fast in the course even if I did not have so much time.

What I could improve

I have worked only on the Codecademy course. Even if it is a good course, I want to use other ressources too. It is also important I should work on small projects by myself, because it is the best way to learn to code.

I also bought a book to learn to code. So I can use my commute time to learn more about coding. There is in the book several chapter about the creation of small video games. I hope it will help me to create one myself.

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