How to find inspiration as a new blogger

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You have created your blog but after you wrote the few first blog posts, you begin wondering what you could write. As a new blogger, it is sometimes difficult to keep motivated. Hardly anyone is checking your blog anyway. I also have moments when I have writer’s block. Here are some ideas to overcome writer’s block and find inspiration as a new blogger.Tips to find inspiration as a new blogger

Have a walk

This is my favorite way to find inspiration. When you’re walking, you can think about different aspects of your life. Every time I go for a walk, I find a new idea for my blog. Not all of these ideas are good, but at least, I have a basis I can work on.
Moreover, walking is excellent for your health. Walking makes you healthier, slimmer and it improves your mood as well as your creativity

Play with children

Before I became a mother, I couldn’t wait having my own children to play with them the all day. However, now that I have them, I have always so much to do that I find it difficult to concentrate on playing with the children. I am often multitasking or thinking about something else.
When you really take time to play with your children though, you notice that you can have fun too and together with the children, you can come up with the funniest ideas.

Try something new

Try to leave your comfort zone and choose some new activity. For instance, this month, I tried to follow a self-defense course. I was not the best student there, as I am definitely not good at sports. But I learnt a lot, I got some new ideas, and I even had fun.

Take a break and have a cup of tea

Sometimes, you just need a little time for you alone. Be kind to yourself and take a break. If you do not like tea, there are many herbal teas that you can try. I often take peppermint tea after I have had lunch because I find it good against bad breath. When I am a little sick, I take a camomile tea. If you’re nursing your baby, you can drink fennel tea as it improves lactation.

Have a nap

Lack of inspiration is often caused by tiredness. If you are exhausted, you cannot think clearly and be creative. If you have the possibility to take a nap, do not hesitate. It really helps.

Speak with a friend or relative

Receiving the ideas of someone else about a problem you are facing can help and inspire you. The more yo are exposed to different views and ideas, the more creative you will be.

Have a long bath/shower

A good bath or shower can help you to relax and feel regenerated. Just take the time to take care of yourself. When I have a little time (unfortunately this does not happen often), I am using rhassoul clay for my hair and skin. You just need to mix the rhassoul powder with a little water and you can use it both as a shampoo and as a facial ask.

Read a book about a topic you hardly know anything about

Learning new things is a great way to remain curious and creative. I tend to learn better with books but you can also listen to a podcast or watch a documentary. The more you know about diverse topics, the more you are able to do connections between very different topics and come up with new creative ideas.

Read a novel

Reading novels enables you both to relax and to develop your imagination. Through your reading, you can live someone else’s life and therefore you see then your own life in an other light. If you need ideas of books to read, you can read my article about Irish books.

Listen to music

Music has a very strong impact on your mood. If you feel sad and unmotivated, listening to your favorite songs can help you to feel better and find new energy.

Make lists

Begin a list of blog post ideas, or a list of novels ideas, or a list of fun things you want to do this Summer. Creativity is like a muscle, you have to train it. And making lists is a great exercise. Moreover, if you have already made several lists, you can consult them again if you have yet another day when you are lacking inspiration.

Create an inspiration board

You can create a board on which you are collecting inspiring images, texts or quotes. This can be an online board, for instance if you are using pinterest, or a physical board. If you want to create a beautiful physical inspiration board, you can read this article from blogger Jennie Moraitis.
Do you have further ideas? Then, do not hesitate to share them in the comments section.


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