How to choose which language to learn?

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Before you begin learning a new language, you have to choose which one you want to learn. This is an important decision as you are going to spend a huge amount of time working on this language. There are different ways to choose a language. Here are the main ones.
Focus on career opportunities
If you want to learn a language to boost your employability, you should ask yourself a few questions.
It is important to consider the following things:
  • where you are living: you will not need the same languages if you live in Europe, in North America or in Asia for instance
  • which type of jobs are you aiming
  • in which industry:
You can check the list of the languages that will be the most searched for in the next years.
Focus on your hobbies and interests

Considering your hobbies and interests is a good way to make sure you will be motivated to learn more about the language. If you are interested in ballet, you can learn French to learn all the French words you are using when dancing. If you love mangas, you can learn Japanese to be able to read the newest books without having to wait for them to be translated.

Focus on your relationships

If you have a friend or a relative speaking a language, this is a great opportunity to learn this language. You will feel motivated because you want to communicate with your friend and you will have someone correcting your mistakes and teaching you aspects of the languages that you do not always find in books.

Focus on your personal history:
Considering your personal history will make you feel emotionally connected with the language and therefore more motivated. If you have for instance an Irish grandmother, you can learn Irish to connect with the culture of your family.
Focus on strengths and opportunities
Each language has specific features. Choose a language which specificities match your strengths. For instance, if you love grammar, you can consider choosing a language with complex grammar, such as Russian. If you hate grammar but has a very good memory, an asian language such as Japanese may be the best choice for you.
Consider the opportunities you will have to speak the language too. If you live near another country, it will be easy for you to travel to this country and speak with its inhabitants. You also have to consider the availability of learning ressources. If you learn Spanish, you will find learning ressources everywhere on the Internet. If you want to learn Moldavian, learning ressources will be more difficult to find.
Consider the relationships between languages
This is a last point to help you choose a language. Languages do not develop independently from each other but are part of languages family. If you get to know one language of a family, you will be able to understand a little other languages of this family. For instance, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian all belong to the latin languages family.
If you are hesitating between two languages, do check this list again and see for each language how many points apply. Then pick the language that earned more points. If this is still not enough to choose, then just pick one randomly. You can still learn the other language later. Actually, the more languages you learn, the easier it gets to speak languages.



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