How to build your reading list

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I am now sharing my reading list on the blog. Actually, I love reading lists. Checking reading lists of other people is interesting and inspiring. You can get lots of ideas if you are looking for books to read. However, choosing which books you want to include in your list can be difficult. Are you including any book that you think could be interesting? Are you on the contrary only listing books that match some previously defined criteria? Do you have a deadline? Here are some ideas to help you build your reading list. 

Building your reading list

Which categories of books do appeal to you? 

A good way to start your list is to define a few categories you will be working with. First begin to think about the type of books you most read. Let’s say you love young adult fiction. This can be your first category. If you already read many young adult fiction books, you have probably lots of ideas of books you would like to read. Then you can also make categories of books that you do not read so often but would like to read more. For instance, if you want to read more classics to improve your general culture, you can create a classics category for your list. Or if you want to become more successful, you can create a self-development books category and list books that you think would be useful. 

What is your deadline? 

This is an important point because it determines the quantity of books you can put on your list. If you are setting up a Summer reading list, you probably won’t be able to read more than 15-20 books (depending of how long or difficult they are). If you are listing the books you want to read in the 10 next years, you will be able to put nearly as many books as you want and include some more challenging books.

Make sure to alternate different kinds of books 

If you are only reading challenging non-fiction books, you may find it difficult to remain motivated. If you read only very emotional fiction books such as romance, you might also come to a point when it is too much. I alternate fiction and non-fiction books as much as I can because it helps finding a good reading pace. When I am reading too much non-fiction, I end up reading slowly and I lose motivation to read. When I read too much fiction, I become too emotionally engaged and have difficulties coming back to real life.  

Keep your list open 

You can always come across new interesting books. Keep your list open and add these books. On the other hand, if you begin a book and find out you do not like it, you can remove it from your list. Reading should remain something you love. 


  • Tina

    I think the hardest thing for me on this list is alternating the types of reading I do. I sometimes get “stuck” in a genre. Right now, it’s suspense/mysteries. Then I read so many in the genre I get burned out. I need to work on making sure I am reading lots of different things.

    Great post!

    • momslovelearning

      Thanks for commenting! I have been reading a little too much non-fiction books this year because my husband reads mostly non-fiction and shares the books with me. But I really love reading fiction so I try to make sure I read that too.

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