How important is lifelong learning really?

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How important is lifelong learning really?

Lifelong learning is becoming now a fashionable topic. All over the Internet, you see articles about the importance of learning in a ever changing world. And this does not concern only career driven young people but any of us. However, to many of us, this is difficult to realize which place lifelong learning really has in our life.

Defining lifelong learning

According to the Collins English Dictionary, this is the provision or use of both formal and informal learning opportunities throughout people’s lives in order to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment and personal fulfillment.
This definition is interesting because it shows that lifelong learning is not something that is only career-related but that it touches also other areas of your life. Lifelong learning is a strategy to adapt to a changing world and making your life more interesting.

Young mothers and lifelong learning

As a young mother, you sure do not have as much time to invest in lifelong learning as childless people. I cannot go to any conference or course in the evening because I have to put the children to bed. I cannot spend big amounts of time on a subject et once.
But do not worry. As a mother, you still have a very unique source of continuous learning in your child. For most mothers, maternity is like a crash course on social skills. You learn a lot about yourself and about psychology. You learn to know a human being as you have never known anybody before, you help this human being to develop and come to adulthood.

Why do mothers still can benefit from developing a lifelong learning strategy?

As fulfilling as maternity can be, you need to learn and discover other areas of life, both for your career and your personal life. If you take a little time everyday working on your skills, you will be able to make your life easier and grasp opportunities you would not even have imagined.
Here are some possible skills you could wish to acquire/improve:
  • languages: if you like traveling, speaking another language can really help. This can also be useful if you want to find a job. Moreover, if you learn the language with your children, they will benefit from it too.
  • digital skills: we all use a computer but we do not always know that much about IT. If you learn for instance some coding, this will help you understand better the digital world and could also help you with your job
  • cooking: this would help you to prepare better, healthier meals for your family and improve your health
  • literature: reading literature improves your general culture, your vocabulary and help you develop more empathy towards other people. If you find some friends who love reading, this is also a great way to connect.
  • ….
Learning is a very personal goal, however. Only you can really find out the skills that interest you or that you need to achieve your goals.  And only you can develop a learning system that enables you to keep motivated and optimize your learning. In further posts, I will try to give you some ideas and resources to help you to achieve this. I am myself still working on improving my learning system so if you want to comment and share your ideas on the different topics treated, I would be really grateful for that.

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