Great gifts for French learners

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As we enter November, we all begin to think about which Christmas presents to buy for our close ones. After writing a post about presents ideas for Spanish learners, I decided to post a list of great gifts for French learners. I hope you can find some idea you like if one of your close ones is learning French. 

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Great gifts for French learners

Le Petit Prince (Antoine de St-Exupery)

This is a classic for French learners. This is a short easy book with a beautiful and powerful story.

La Grammaire Est Une Chanson Douce (Erik Orsenna)

French grammar is not easy. Even French people agree about that. Reading a novel about French grammar can help you seeing the beauty of it though. The book is not that easy as Le Petit Prince but if you can already some French and want to perfect your grammar, this is a very good read.

The King And The Mockingbird (an animation movie by Paul Grimault)

This is a very beautiful French animation movie that was released in 1979. For this film, Paul Grimault worked with French poet Jacques Prévert.

Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain (a movie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet)

The lovely film Amelie was a big success in France when it was released. Amelie is a young Parisian woman working as a waitress in a café. She decides to make the people in her life happy and uses the strangest schemes to achieve this goal. But is she herself ready for happiness?

No Et Moi (No And I, Delphine de Vigan)

I read this book for some years. This is not the best book of the author. She has written another book about her bipolar mother which is fantastic. But No Et Moi is a perfect book for French learners. The book is short, not too hard to read and the story is compelling. Lou, a gifted teenager, has to cope with the depression of her mother and the fact that she is much younger than all the other students in her class. In the frame of a school project, she interviews No, a homeless girl. No and Lou become friends and Lou wants to help the homeless girl to start a new life. This is more difficult than she thinks, though.

A box of calissons

When I am visiting my family in France, my German mother-in-law always asks me to buy some calissons for her. They are very nice.

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