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Goals for Q1 2021

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Happy new year! 2021 has now begun and it is a good time for a fresh new start and new goals. 2020 was a difficult year for most of us. I would not say it was a useless year because we learned a lot about ourselves and the world we live in but still, it was not the best year ever.

My goals for Q1 2021

Reviewing my goals for Q4 2020

  • Blogtober challenge in October -> Done. It worked better than expected.
  • Teach my daughter to ride a bike -> Still in progress. As I was 4 weeks away with the boys, I had not had so much time to work with her on this.
  • Potty-train the boys -> still in progress too. I tried different strategies but with little success.
  • Complete a new course on Coursera -> still in progress. I began a new course though.
  • Finish reading The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep (it is a great book. If you like both fantasy and classical English literature, you should definitely read it) And read at least 3 other books. -> Done. I even read more books than expected.
  • Bake Christmas cookies with the children -> No.
  • Read aloud to the children every day -> Not every day but often.

A few days after setting my Q4 2020 goals, I got a phone call from the clinic to tell me that the speech therapy cure for the boy would begin in a few weeks. So some of my goals were not that relevant any more. But I am still happy with what I achieved this semester. Thanks to the cure, the boys could learn a lot.

My goals for Q1 2021

  • Bake a Twelfth Night Cake with the children
  • Complete my course on Coursera and start a new one
  • Read at least five books
  • Write at least 10 posts on the blog
  • Potty-train the boys
  • Teach my daughter to ride a bike
  • Do some yoga with the children
  • Try a new healthy recipe
  • Read aloud to the children every day

My list is not much different from my Q4 2020 list. I also have some career and travel goals for this year but as it is still very unclear how long we will have to deal with covid 19, I chose to focus more on self-development and family goals for Q1 2021.


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