Funny German words (part 2)

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A few days ago, I wrote a post about German words and expressions that I find amusing. In this post, I want to share a few more German funny words.

1) Schwein haben

Literally translated into English: to have a pig. This expression means actually to have luck. To celebrate a new year, German people may even offer you a “Glücksschwein”, a little pig out of marzipan, to wish you food luck for the new year.

2) Es ist mir Wurst

Literally translated: it is sausage to me. This means actually “I do not care”.

3) Kaffeeklatsch

Translated into English: coffee gossip. German people like to have “Kaffee und Kuchen” (coffee and cake) at 3 p.m. It seems, people tend to gossip a lot then. But the word Kaffeeklatsch can also be used more generally to describe all kinds of gossip.

4) Pustekuchen

Literally translated into English: puff cake. It actually means “Not a chance” or “No way”.

5) mucksmäuschenstill

This one is very cute. Translated in English, “as silent as a mouse”


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