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Fun ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day

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As a student, I spent one semester in an Irish university. This was a fun time and I liked it very much there. As Saint Patrick’s day is approaching, I have been thinking about ways to celebrate. Many people are simply going to an Irish pub to drink a beer. However, I am not going out so much any more since I am a mother and anyway I do not really like beer. As a student, when I went to a pub with friends, I would take a pint of cider and pretend I am drinking it. However, it already ended up with some guy standing in front of me with a puzzled look, saying that he had never seen someone drinking so little before.

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Fun ways to celebrate Saint Patrick's day

Fun ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day

Have a traditional Irish breakfast

A traditional Irish breakfast includes eggs, sausages, bacon, white pudding and black pudding. You can drink tea while eating your breakfast. Irish people love tea.

Listen to Irish music

If you like traditional Irish music, you can listen to Luke Kelly, The Dubliners or The Chieftains. Even if folk music is not your thing, there are still lots of Irish singers or bands you can listen to. If you like rock music, for instance, you can listen to U2, The Pogues or The Cranberries for instance.

Learn basic Irish Gaelic

On Duolingo, you can start learning Irish for free. You can take one lesson, for fun. Irish is an interesting language.

Bake a soda bread

Soda bread is very popular in Ireland. It tastes very good too.

Read Irish poetry

A good choice for Saint Patrick’s day would be The Wanderings of Oisin, by William Butler Yeats, as Saint Patrick appears in the story. This is a little long but this is a very beautiful text.

Read a book written by an Irish writer

Ireland has a very rich literature. I particularly recommend you The Speckled People (Hugo Hamilton) and A Drama in Muslin (George Moore). You can find further ideas in my post about Irish books.

Bake shamrock cookies

Everybody likes cookies and Saint Patrick’s day can be a good opportunity to bake some. You will use some shamrock cookie cutters to give your cookies the right shape and you can decorate them with a green icing.

Lovely Saint Patrick’s day crafts

If you have children, this can be a very nice activity for them. You can check the blog Iheartcraftythings for some ideas.

Watch a film about Ireland

This is a great way to admire beautiful Irish landscapes. If you have not seen it yet, you should watch The Wind That Shakes the Barley by Ken Loach.

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