Favorite female characters in children books series

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Although I am an adult,I still love reading children and young adult fiction. I like the engaging plots and the likable characters. Especially female characters are often well written and inspiring. It makes me happy to see such strong female characters because they are good role models for little girls today. Here are some of my favorite female characters in children and young adult books series.

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Hermione is smart, courageous and a great friend. I like the fact that she has such an important role in the Harry Potter series. And I like the fact that she is a bookworm. Bookworms are great. Hermione’s evolution in the books is inspiring. At first, she is mainly interested in books and in getting good grades but as she grows up, she discovers the importance of friendship and of political engagement. She does not only fight Voldemort on Harry’s side but she also helps wizards to be more aware of social issues such as the fate of house elves.

Piper McLean (Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus)

Piper is my favorite figure in the all Rick Riordan books. She is loving and caring without being weak or boring. At first, she lacks self confidence because she thinks that, as a daughter of Aphrodite, she is not as strong or smart as her friends. However, she comes to realize that her own power, love, is powerful too. Seing her developing herself and gaining self-confidence is a great feeling.

Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor)

I only read the second novel of the series but I really liked Morrigan. She is a kind, strong character. She is a wundersmith, which makes her feel different and uncomfortable amongst her peers, a feeling we may all identify with. I liked also her relationships with other characters, especially with her mentor Jupiter Holmes and wundersmith villain Ezra Squall.


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