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Easy activities that my children love

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Proposing interesting activities for children is not always easy. There are days when they won’t want to draw or read a book as you had planned and just ask for the television. However, there are some activities that they are nearly always eager to do. Here is our list of easy activities that my children love.
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Easy activities for kids

1) Cooking and baking (and decorate muffins!)

This is the most popular activity at home. My children love being in the kitchen. Sure, the kitchen does not look pretty afterwards. But the children really have fun and they learn important life skills. Baking works very well because you can prepare the dough together. You can bake muffins, cookies, chocolate cake or quiche for instance. If you choose to bake muffins, you can also decorate them afterwards.
Preparing salad is also an easy activity for children. The children love washing the salad and they can also chop some vegetables that are not too hard, for instance champignons. If you don’t have much time, you can just let the children prepare banana yogurt. The children can slice a banana, and add some yogurt. You can add a little sugar or honey if you want it to taste sweeter but it is not absolutely necessary.

2) Drawing with chalks (outside activities)

This is a very popular activity here in Germany. Parents give a set of chalks to their children and send them out to draw on the pavement. When the warm days come, you see how the pavements are getting more colorful. As for us, we go rather to the playground because the children are small and I do not want them to play in the street. The children can draw there too.

3) Painting

Painting works very well too. You just need paper, colors and water and the children are busy for a while. For now, the boys are still a little young for painting activities but my daughter likes painting very much. She also likes very much painting sets such as the Aquarellum ones. They are absolutely lovely.

4) Pretend Play

Pretend Play is also a very popular activity at home. The boys currently play a lot with a toy workbench that they received recently. They also love food related pretend play games. They pretend they are cooking and serving food to me. My daughter also loves pretend play games but she prefers playing doctor or hair stylist.

5) Construction games

Currently, as the children are still very. young, the most popular construction game here is Duplo. They love building stuff with Duplo. They got a Duplo train for Christmas and the train is still very popular.

6) Exercising

I am not very found of sports, so when we exercise, we only do yoga or dancing because these are the sports I feel most comfortable with. Yoga is great for children because the yoga positions have funny names. We also play ball. The children are not old enough yet to notice that I am bad at it.

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