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Easter holiday

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Happy Easter to everyone! This year, it felt strange though, as we were all confined at home. I have holiday this week so I won’t have to work in home office and will be able to focus on the children. I am really happy about that, even if it is not a normal holiday week.

Actually, given the circumstances, we are very lucky. We are healthy and our relatives and friends are healthy too. Here in Germany, the confinement is not too strict in many German states, so I can still go out with the children to walk through the fields or play in the forest. My relatives in France have a much more difficult time. They need an attestation to go out and are limited to one hour and one kilometer from home. Finally, I do not need to worry about my job either because the company I am working for set up a home office strategy for all the staff. It is working quite well and there is definitely enough business to keep us busy.

Home office has not always been easy. I try to get up very early to be able to do a big chunk of the work before the children are up and keep checking mails and do urgent tasks the rest of the day. I do some breaks to do homework with the children or play with them or cook. My husband does a lot of chores so that helps very much. Skype calls are difficult though, because I cannot be sure that the children will be quiet. I have a headset given by the company that my children find highly interesting. My youngest son even managed to press some button on it during the weekly department Skype meeting, just as my boss was asking me a question… He has a great sense of timing 😀

How are you doing in these difficult times? I hope you are safe and healthy and could enjoy the Easter holiday as much as possible.


  • ceridwensilverhart

    Yeah, I’m sure children and Skype are a bit of an awkward combination! 😅 I hope your boss was understanding! Working from home is challenging, but it’s good for both employee and employer if it’s possible.

    • momslovelearning

      People have fortunately been very understanding. Thanks for commenting. I hope you are safe and healthy.

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