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Dealing with unexpected changes

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I have stayed at home since Monday. We were sent home because of the Coronavirus crisis. I am doing home office. The children are at home too. The school is closed, no Kindergarten either. We only went out to buy groceries.

In such times, it is important to review your goals and set new priorities. Here is the list of goals I made at the beginning of the month:

  • Finish the last course of the IBM data science track on Coursera: I am not sure how this goal is going to work right now. I wrote a lot of lines of code for this project and need to post that on Github. However, I prepared everything on the IBM labs dedicated to the course and they have technical issues so I have no access to my code any more. If the technical issues get solved soon, I will be able to complete the course this month. If not, it may take a few weeks more.
  • Finish the AI course on Coursera: done! and I started a new course “Data Science Math skills” as I am stuck with the IBM course
  • read at least two books: I read one and I have to start reading a new one. I just need to find some time to read now that I do not have commuting time any more.
  • encourage my daughter to read more: we are now kind of homeschooling, so this is part of it
  • read more to the children: also part of our homeschooling
  • bring my daughter to her new dance class: she went twice and then the class was suppressed because of the Coronavirus crisis
  • speak with the nursery school as my youngest son is starting nursery school in April: no nursery school yet because of Coronavirus
  • keep working on my blog: plan to write more about our life in times of coronavirus
  • keep up with administrative tasks: new tasks planned as we are thinking of doing some changes now.
  • take dentist appointments for me and the children: not yet.

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