Data visualization and machine learning

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I have kept working on my data science specialization course since my last update on the blog. I have been working on topics such as Data visualization and machine learning. The last course are definitely more challenging than the first ones and I learned a lot.

Course 7: Data Visualization with Python

I completed the 7th course of the specialization: Data Visualization with Python. There were a few things I already knew but I really learned a lot. Some chapters of this course were really cool, like creating a chloropleth map (this is a map where areas are colored to indicate the values of a particular quantity in those areas). Another fun exercise was to create a shape of Alice in Wonderland filled with the most frequently used words in the book.

Data science project update
Beginning the machine learning course

Course 8: Machine Learning with Python

Now, I am working on the 8th course of the specialization: Machine Learning with Python. It seems to be even more difficult than the two previous ones. However, some points of the course were already seen in former courses, which makes it easier to go through.

The next course (Applied Data Science Capstone) will be the last of the specialization. I am excited about it but a little intimidated too. According to the reviews, it is a very good course but very time-consuming

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