Data science project: November update

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I have not written on the blog for weeks. However, I have not been lazy. I worked a lot on the data science project. I kept working on the IBM data science track on Coursera. Here is my November update.

One of the courses, “Data Analysis with Python”, was very long and it took me more time to complete it than I had needed for the previous courses. Most of the concepts in this course were also completely new to me, compared with the previous course

Data Science Project - November update

November update: new courses

Course 6: Data Analysis with Python

I completed this course on 25/10/2019. This was the longest course I took so far and also the most challenging. The course takes theoretically 7 weeks (but you can of course take more or less time to finish). The topics studied during the course are very important ones, such as data wrangling or model development. The chapters on model development and model evaluations were the most difficult. 

Course 7: Data Visualization with Python

I am still working on this course. This course is much shorter than the previous one: you are expected to finish it in 3 weeks. In this course, you will work a lot with Matplotlip, the Python module that is most used for plots and graphs. This course is actually one of the funniest because you learn to produce all kinds of plots, graphs and other possible visualizations.

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