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Coloring with water

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Lately, my youngest son has been coloring a lot with water. There are several products that enable little children to paint with just some water. This is of course great for parents because there is nothing to clean afterwards. Here are some of our favorite products.

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Scales and Tails – Dinosaurs (Paint with water)

This is a real little book. If you paint with water on the pictures, their colors appear. When the picture dries, it becomes white again and you can paint again and again. My son loves the dinosaurs in the book.

Shells and Spells – Mermaid (Paint with water)

We also bought a mermaid book in the same collection because my daughter loves mermaids. These are very cute pictures too and you can paint them again and again.

Magic painting animals

This is an other water coloring book. The pictures are very pretty but contrary to the two other books, you can only paint them once. Also, the water colors a little when you paint so I would say this is for children a bit older than for the two other books.

Aquadoodle ABC doodle mat

The set includes a pen to be filled with water and a drawing mat. The children like it very much.


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