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Coffee time

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I am not a big coffee drinker. I drink a cup of coffee with my breakfast and I sometimes drink one or two additional cups during the day. It also took me time to start enjoying coffee. As a young adult, I liked hot chocolate much better than coffee and even now, I tend to prefer milder coffees.

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Coffee time

How do I drink my coffee?

We usually buy Dallmayr Prodomo coffee. I prefer the milder variety. It is very good and not as bitter as other coffee varieties.

I usually mix my coffee with oats milk (half coffee, half oat milk). I like the taste of oats and I find it tastes particularly good with coffee. I also buy oats milk that is specifically designed for coffee preparations. I mostly buy Oatly oats milk.


That was it. I do not add sugar to the coffee as I already add a lot of oats milk.

In Autumn and Winter, I sometimes eat some Lebkuchen with my coffee. These are German gingerbread cookies that are very delicious and that are mostly sold between October and December here in Germany.

How do you drink your coffee?

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