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Blogtober, day 1

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During the last months, I did not write much on my blog. First, the coronavirus pandemic brought some chaos in my life. Fortunately, I am not sick and no friend or relative is sick either. However, the sudden obligation to work at home and homeschool at the same time was tough. It was difficult to find time to blog and to say the truth, I was not really motivated either. I felt the all time very tired and did not really felt like writing a new post.

Blogtober, day 1

Now, I feel ready to resume working on my blog. I often heard of Blogtober in the last years and I felt it could be a fun way to resume blogging. 

What is Blogtober exactly?

Blogtober is a blogging challenge. Bloggers from all over the world are posting one blog post ever day in October. 

What made me want to try Blogtober?

As someone who normally loves blogging but lost some motivation in the last months, Blogtober sounds like the perfect challenge to write more and take better care of my blog. I also hope this challenge will help me to finally develop more my blog.

What am I worried about?

Blogtober is an inspiring challenge but it is also a little intimidating: What if I don’t manage to write a blog post every day or even every two days? What if I do not find inspiration?

What I am going to write about?

I will write a few articles about Blogtober and blogging in general, as well as book reviews and posts about my life and family. I ma write a bot about programming and data science too but probably not so long.

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