Awesome presents for Spanish learners

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As we enter November, we all begin to think about which Christmas presents to buy for our close ones. As this month is my month of learning Spanish, I decided to post a list of awesome presents for Spanish learners. I hope you can find some idea you like if one of your close ones is learning Spanish. 

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Awesome presents for Spanish learners

Awesome presents for Spanish learners

A phrase-a-day Spanish calendar

This calendar will enable you to learn Spanish all the year long. This is a great way to motivate you to work regularly.

A visual dictionary

This Spanish-English visual dictionary is a great present for someone learning languages. You can find the word you are looking for quickly thanks to the many pictures.

A fun magnetic word kit

With this magnetic poetry kit, you will be able to write Spanish poetry on your fridge. 

A CD of traditional Spanish songs for children

Traditional songs for children are great to learn a language. After all, Spanish children have been learning to speak with them for generations. If you have a family with little children, this is a fun way to learn the language together.

Spanish short stories

Reading short stories in Spanish will enable you to quickly improve your skills. 

Or why not trying to read a novel in Spanish? This one is easy to read, even if you do not speak Spanish that well yet.

A learn-a-language board gameĀ 

This is a fun, family friendly way to learn the language.

A Spanish grammar study chart

If you have difficulties remembering Spanish grammar rules, this chart will enable you to refresh your grammar any time you need.

Coco (Pixar film)

I watched Coco with my daughter earlier this year and we loved it. It is such a nice story and a nice introduction to Mexican culture. You can choose to watch the film in Spanish which is a great way to learn the language.

Or if your Spanish is already good, you can watch the classic film Cria Cuervos which includes the beautiful song Porque te vas.

A Spanish recipes book

Cooking is an important part of any culture and learning to cook Spanish food is a great way to understand Spanish culture better.

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