Data science project update

    I finally completed my IBM data science specialization. I completed the 8 first courses of the specialization very fast but the last course took me for ever. I met all kinds of technical issues and had to simplify my final project to the point that I feared I would not get a passing grade. However, this worked and I am really relieved the course is finally over. This does not mean I am over with data science. I want to learn more about this field. The IBM data science specialization was great to have a broad view of different aspects of data science and improve my Python skills. However, I…

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    2 years of blogging

    This is my blog’s second anniversary and I already received congratulations from WordPress. I must say, I have been less active in the last months and without the WordPress message, I would probably have forgotten this. I am happy I kept blogging that long though. I learned a lot through blogging and it helped me to keep better track of my goals.

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    What we are reading now – May 2020

    We are still stuck at home because of the coronavirus crisis but things are going a bit better. Germany has not been hit as hard as other countries by the virus and we are seeing some changes already in our daily life. My daughter will resume going to school next week, but only 4 hours a week. The rest of the time, we will keep doing schoolwork at home. I am working one day pro week in the office now, the rest of the week I am still in home office. The playgrounds have opened again, which makes me very very happy. I have been reading a few books but…

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    Reaching 100 posts

    My last post was my 100th post on this blog. This is an important milestone to me because, when I started this blog, one of my goals was to write at least 100 posts. I did not want to quit before I reached this as I had read that a blog needed at least 100 posts to really start working. Some facts about this blog By writing these 100 blog posts, I could: learn how to use WordPress improve my writing skills improve my design skills work on self-discipline and keep working on the blog even when it looked like no one is reading. keep track on my different learning…

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    What we are reading now – April 2020

    We are still at home for a few weeks as the children won’t be able to go back to school before May. I am trying to make the best of it and make sure that my daughter is reading regularly. As for me, my reading is suffering from the fact I am not commuting any more. However, there are a few books I would like to write about. This post may contain affiliate links. See the Disclosures page for more information. What we are reading now The Roger Hargreaves challenge My daughter loves challenges and loves the Mr Men and Little Miss series. Therefore, we created the Roger Hargreaves challenge.…

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    Easter holiday

    Happy Easter to everyone! This year, it felt strange though, as we were all confined at home. I have holiday this week so I won’t have to work in home office and will be able to focus on the children. I am really happy about that, even if it is not a normal holiday week. Actually, given the circumstances, we are very lucky. We are healthy and our relatives and friends are healthy too. Here in Germany, the confinement is not too strict in many German states, so I can still go out with the children to walk through the fields or play in the forest. My relatives in France…

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    Suddenly homeschooling

    I live in Germany where homeschooling is normally illegal. However, because of the coronavirus crisis, the schools are closed and all families here are discovering homeschooling. I have been interested in homeschooling for some time, but I had no idea I would have to start so suddenly homeschooling. Until then, in spite of our lack of preparation, it has not worked too bad. First week The first week worked actually rather well, even if I had to work in home office too. We received an email from my daughter’s teacher with the list of the work to do for the week and managed to do everything on the list. My…

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    Dealing with unexpected changes

    I have stayed at home since Monday. We were sent home because of the Coronavirus crisis. I am doing home office. The children are at home too. The school is closed, no Kindergarten either. We only went out to buy groceries. In such times, it is important to review your goals and set new priorities. Here is the list of goals I made at the beginning of the month: Finish the last course of the IBM data science track on Coursera: I am not sure how this goal is going to work right now. I wrote a lot of lines of code for this project and need to post that…

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    March goals

    As March is beginning, it is time to review my list of goals for February. February went so fast and I could not finish all my goals. I have also a new list of goals for March. My February goals Finish the last course of the IBM data science track on Coursera: Not yet. But I did some progress and should finish soon. I also began another course about AI to avoid losing my license. read at least 2 books: done! read a book to the children every day if possible: Some days but not every day. try to cook some new healthy recipes: done! keep up with doctors’ appointment…

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    February goals

    Now that January is over, it is time for me to set my goals for February. I could not finish all my goals for January so they will appear in the new list too. I hope this time I will be able to complete them. My February goals Finish the last course of the IBM data science track on Coursera read at least 2 books read a book to the children every day if possible try to cook some new healthy recipes keep up with doctors’ appointment and administrative tasks choose a project to apply the skills I learned through the Coursera courses I took keep working on my blog…