7 useful things every mom should learn

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2019 begins and many of us are setting goals for the new year. If you want to keep developing yourself this year, this is important to have some learning goals. However, learning goals are like self-care goals. You know they are important but you tend to neglect them because there seems to be always something more important to do. Especially when you have small children at home, it is easy to get distracted and to forget your goals.
7 useful things every mom should learn
The best solution to avoid giving up your learning goal altogether is to include them as much as possible to your family life. Choose goals that can benefit to your all family and find ways to include them to your daily life.


This will help you to understand your children better and to know how to behave in case of difficulties. This will also help you for other domains of your life such as career or friendships. There are many available resources to learn more about psychology. You can read books on the subjects or you can watch psychology courses on the Internet/ listen to podcasts. In a first time, you can focus more particularly on children psychology. Observe your kids and note how the things you learned may apply or not to them.


Cooking is an important skill for daily life. Indeed, ready-made dishes are often expensive and unhealthy. If you can cook, you can not only spare a lot of money but also get healthier. Here too, you have many possible resources. You can check cooking books, search new recipes on the Internet or watch cooking videos. You can also ask a friend or a relative who can cook well to teach you. Moreover, cooking is a great activity for small children. My 3 year old loves cooking and baking for instance. He can for instance wash the salad, wash vegetables, cut mushrooms or other softer vegetables, prepare sandwiches, help to prepare cookie dough… You have of course to be careful and to look closely what your child is doing. However, it is really fun for the children and they are usually behaving well. This is also great if your children are picky eaters because they are then more likely to try the food they helped to cook. Or because they have already eaten their veggies before the dinner even took place.

Personal finance

Personal finance is also an important skill for parents. If you have a better understanding of your finance, you can avoid silly mistakes and generally worry less about your financial situation. You can easily find learning resources both on the Internet or in the closest library. Choose one you feel at ease with. Learn to make a budget and analyze how you are spending your money and how you can do better. You can also help your children to learn how to deal with money.


Reading literature has many advantages. I wrote an article about how reading can make you a better mom. Generally, reading will inspire you and make you more creative. Read stories from different countries or centuries so that you could tell your children all kinds of fascinating stories.

History of art

Most children love crafts. Drawing is a very popular activity among my children. They love stickers and play-doh too. Learning more about art history can inspire you and give you more ideas for crafts activities. This is also what kindergarten teachers do. Whren my daughter was in nursery school/kindergarten, many activities were inspired by art works of famous artists.


Yoga has many advantages. First, it is a sport and exercising is good for your health. Second, it enables you to relax. You can also do yoga with your children. This is a nice family activity that can make your whole family relaxed and happy.

First aid

Learning first aid is of course very useful, especially if you have children. I could get a first aid class through my company, as the German laws oblige companies to have a minimum amount of the workforce being able to help in case of an accident.

Driving/car related tasks

Driving and being able to do some car reparations are also useful skills, especially if you live in a place with bad public transports.

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