6 cultural activities for the whole family

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There are many reasons why you should improve your general culture. However, when you have a family and are very busy, you hardly time to learn and improve your general culture. The best way to do that is to combine your learning with some cultural activities for the whole family.

Cultural activities for the whole family: how to learn new things together.

Cultural activities for the whole family

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Painting/learning about art history

If you are interested in learning more about art history, you can combine this very well with a painting activity. This is what the teachers in my children’s nursery school do. You choose a painter you want to know more about. Then, you print a few pictures of the painter. You observe this with the children and find out the particularities of his or her style and you let the children paint a picture inspired by this painter. If you want, you can of course paint a picture too. Once you have panted pictures inspired by several artists, you can go to the museum to see the original works of these painters.

Alternative: painting/music history. If you want to learn more about music, you can also propose this activity to you family. You all listen to a piece of music together and draw a picture that shows how it made you feel.

Cooking/learning about world cultures

Cooking is a fun and useful activity, both for adults and children. This is also a great way to learn more about other countries and cultures. You can choose a country you want to know more about and try some recipes from this country. Another funny idea is to research celebrations in this country and try the associated recipes. For instance, in France, Twelfth Day is very important. People eat the galette des rois, a cake in which a little figure is hidden. The person who finds the figure in his or her piece of cake becomes king or queen of the day. With my daughter, we bake a galette des rois every year.

Alternative: cooking/biology. If you are more a science oriented person, you can also combine cooking with biology. You learn about the different types of food and what they bring to your body.

Reading/learning about literature

This one is pretty obvious. Children literature is not as boring as many adults think. Reading together the classics of children literature can be a great experience both for children and their parents. Some people even have a family books club.

If you do not know which books to read together, you might try these ones: Tom Sawyer, Harry Potter, Treasure Island, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Little Women

Singing/learning languages

If you are learning a foreign language, listening to and singing nursery rhymes in this language is a good way to improve. First, they have often a repetitive structure and rhymes, which makes them easy to remember. Second, they enable you to learn also about the country’s culture. You definitely can notice some differences in the topics of the songs. French nursery rhymes are for instance very relationship oriented. There are many songs about love relationships. You do not find so many songs about relationships in German nursery rhymes for instance.

Spending time with family/learning about history

Listening to older family members telling stories of their past can be very interesting and show you some aspects of history. As I was a child, my grandparents told me about their life during WW2. One of my grandfather was for instance in the French army and was made prisoner. He was first sent to a prison with other soldiers, escaped, was caught again and finally sent to a German farm to work in the fields. Generally, children love to hear about how older family members lived as they were children. If your children are older, you can also work together on a genealogical tree.

Go out

Choose a cultural event that can be interesting for the whole family. You can choose for instance a concert, a theater play or an art exposition. You can sometimes have surprises too. We went once to a museum and there was a temporary exposition about the works of a German fashion designer. I thought my children would find it boring (I’m not that interested in fashion myself) but my daughter loved it. She wanted to watch one entire film of a fashion show to see all the pretty dresses.

And you? Which activities do you do together with your family? Besides cultural activities, you can also find some more relaxing activities for your family.

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