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4 weeks speech therapy

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My sons and I came back home a few days ago after a 4-week stay at a clinic in Bayern. We were sent there by the doctor because the boys are not speaking enough for their age and needed intensive speech therapy. I went with them as accompanying person.

I must say, it was a nice change. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, we had not been able to take any vacation this year so this was nice to travel a bit. We had of course to be very careful and get tested before we could go. Fortunately, we tested negative and could start the therapy.

Health cures in Germany

Health cures are pretty common in Germany, compared to other European countries. I have a colleague who goes to a cure every year. Mother-child cures are also very common. However, you need to have a good reason to go.

For us, we had full support from the doctors following the boys but had still to fill at least 50 pages of diverse forms to get our request accepted. It took several months before we received the call from the clinic that informed us we could begin in three weeks.

Speech therapy

One of my sons had already had speech therapy once a week at home but in the clinic, there were a wide range of activities. According to the doctors, speech is linked to different other skills and therefore the therapy included the following classes:

  • speech therapy
  • ergotherapy
  • psychomotricity
  • early learning
  • swimming
  • playgroup activities
  • relaxation training.

I had also together with other concerned mothers classes in which we were given advice to foster the children’s speaking. I had also therapy sessions with a psychologist to help me deal with my children’s speech delay. I did not feel like I really needed that but I guess other people might need it.

Life at the clinic

We had a nice twin bedroom with a small bathroom, which I found quite cozy. For meals, we had to leave the accommodation building and walk to the clinic canteen. Each morning, we had to go to the nurses in order to measure temperature, in the frame of the clinic’s safety precautions regarding coronavirus.

We had the possibility to choose the food in advance but it was hard to foresee what the boys would eat. The first week, I made sure to order pasta nearly every day as the boys love pasta at home. However, they would not touch the pasta at the canteen and one of my sons even wanted my food as he would rather eat broccoli than pasta. This was very unexpected. Unfortunately, the boys did not always eat cleanly and their clothes went dirty very fast whereas I only could use the clinic’s washing machines two days a week. I was at least not alone with this problem as there were many little children there.

There were very beautiful playgrounds both in the clinic’s park and in town. We could also have very nice walks because the clinic was close to both a forest and a lake. There would have been lots of other activities but winter cold and coronavirus fears made it difficult to go as much out as we would have liked. We had fun there though.


    • momslovelearning

      I found it a bit surprising too. I think this was mainly due to the fact that many development issues are linked to each other. So they tried to offer a wide range of activities to address all the possible difficulties.

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