Data science project update

    I finally completed my IBM data science specialization. I completed the 8 first courses of the specialization very fast but the last course took me for ever. I met all kinds of technical issues and had to simplify my final project to the point that I feared I would not get a passing grade. However, this worked and I am really relieved the course is finally over. This does not mean I am over with data science. I want to learn more about this field. The IBM data science specialization was great to have a broad view of different aspects of data science and improve my Python skills. However, I…

  • Life and blog

    2 years of blogging

    This is my blog’s second anniversary and I already received congratulations from WordPress. I must say, I have been less active in the last months and without the WordPress message, I would probably have forgotten this. I am happy I kept blogging that long though. I learned a lot through blogging and it helped me to keep better track of my goals.