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15 inspiring quotes that could change your life

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When you are busy with work and family, you often feel like you are running to stay on the same spot. This is sometimes difficult to see the big picture and to focus on long terms decisions and tasks. Yet, you sometimes just need to think outside the box to be able to change your life. Here are some inspiring quotes that could change your life.

Inspiring quotes that could change your life

Inspiring quotes about happiness

Happiness is a virtue, not its reward. Baruch Spinoza
It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. Aristotle 
Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. Marcus Aurelius

Quotes about finding your own way

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” (Mark Twain)Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Charles R. Swindoll

Quotes about change

Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. Simone de Beauvoir”If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” Thomas Jefferson There is nothing permanent except change. Heraclitus

Quotes about creativity

Creative thinking – in terms of idea creativity – is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practised and nurtured. Edward de Bono
Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. Erich Fromm
Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will. George Bernard Shaw

Quotes about success

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. Robert Louis StevensonFortune favors the prepared mind. Louis Pasteur
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Winston Churchill

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